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Cat Cairns
Cat Cairns
Lewis Paul Rothiemay
William Ogilvie Ternemny
Alexander Thom Ramsburn
015.11 A few irregular surface rocks although the word cairns is used here it has no connection with Tumuli Barrows or Battle Cairns.
MOSS OF ROTHIEMAY Moss of Rothiemay
Moss of Rothiemay
Moss of Rothiemay
Lewis Paul
William Ogilvie
Alexander Thom
015.11 A large plain consists of turf or peat in various degress of condensation - from a pulpy moss to a compact moss, that admits of being cut into any form. It is the property of the Earl of Fifes Trustees.

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[page] 18
Co. [County] of Banff -- Parish of Rothiemay

[signed] James Gray
Sapr R. Engr [Sapper Royal Engineers]

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