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Camp Continued [continued from page 33] vallum, and ditch of this camp, it is my decided opinion, that this has been the work of a Roman army; It appears to one, that the vallum and ditch of this camp are nearly of the same size, and depth, as those of the camp at Battledykes, in the county of Forfar; and if I might be permitted to form a judgement, from the present appearances of the worKs, I should say that, according to my opinion, those worKs were formed nearby about the same period, and certainly by people, who followed the same general rules, with regard to their field fortifications. This much from the intelligent Colonel Imrie, in his obliging letter to me. The same ford on the Spey, which enabled the Romans to connect thier stations, in the north, during the second century, also facilitated the passage of the DuKe of Cumberland in April 1746, when he passed forward to Culloden in order to decide the fate of the Gaelic decendants of the ancient race" Chalmer's Caledonia.

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Co. [County] of Banff -- Parish of Bellie

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