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ROMANCAMP GATE Roman Camp Gate William Anderson
Alexander Simpson
James Young
007.03 A Gamekeeper's lodge and gate at the northern entrance to Gordon Castle and grounds.
CAMP (Site of) [Romancamp Gate] Roman Camp Site of. William Anderson
Alexander Simpson
James Young
007.03 In a field, at the north end of the grounds surrounding Gordon Castle, faint traces are visible, of an ancient encampment, Said to be of Roman origin. The camp is now levelled and ploughed, and its extent cannot be traced.
Fosse (remains of) Fosse Remains of 007.03 "There is a field of a little more than 3 acres, a little to the N. [North] of the church of Bellie, to which tradition has given the name of the [continued on page 33]

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Co. [County] Banff -- Ph. [Parish] Bellie

[signed] J. McDiarmind

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