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Monkton & Prestwick United
Monkton and Prestwick
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022 ; 027 ; 033 "The parish of Monkton received that name from its connexion with the abby of Paisley that monastery having extensive and valuable possessions within the parish which required the residence probably and superentendence of a certain number of the monks, who in these early times, were the only class of persons acquainted with agriculture, the construction and management of mills, &c, &c. It appears from the chartulary of the Abbey of Paisley that the original name was Prestwick and that in 1163, when that abbey was founded, both the churches of the united parishes were then in existence, and both called by the Same name of Prestwick, Prestwick church being called St. Nicholas's church of Prestwick, and Monkton church, St Cuthbert's church of Prestwick. At a later date in the chartulary they are distinguished as Prestwic de burgo and Prestwic Monachorum; and at the date in 1225 there occurs casual notice of the later,- Prestwic - quae nunc dicitur villa Monachorum.*** It is not known when the parishes were united. It appears from the records of the burgh of Prestwick, that up to the year 1750, the union had not taken place.**. The records of the presbytery of Ayr bear that, in 1651, the estate of Crosby at the request of its proprietor was "disjoined

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Parish of Monkton & Prestwick

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