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TOWN HALL [Maybole] Town Hall
Town Hall
Town Hall
Rev. [Reverend] William Menzies
J.G. Hannay Esq
William Rennie Esq
044 Erected about the middle of the sixteenth century and was the town residence of the Blairquhan Family

Is in the Gothic style of architecture and in a good state of preservation. It has underwent frequent repair,Three storey high and slated. From the middle of the building a square tower rises to a height of about 30 feet. The lower part is used as the lock up.
BLAIRQUHAN CASTLE 044 "On the west end (of Maybole Town) is a castle, which belonged sometime to
"the Laird of Blairquhan, which is now the tolbuith, and is adorned with a
"pyremide, and a row of ballesters round it, raised upon the top of the stair -
"-case, into which they have mounted a fyne clock.
"Abercrobmie's Account

"The present tolbooth, the town residence of the Lairds of Blairquhan.
Patterson's History (1847)
PARISH SCHOOL [Maybole] School (Parish)
School (Parish)
School (Parish)
Rev. [Reverend] William Menzies
J.G. Hannay Esqr.
Willliam Rennie Esq
044 The parish school - A neat one storey slated bulding. It has an endorsement of £50 per annum left by the late Sir C.D. Ferguson- for the Course of Education, English reading and writing, arithmetic & Mathematics in all their branches, Latin, French, Greek etc. Average attendance of pupils 80, Teachers salary £34 with allowance for house and garden.

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