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MAYBOLE [town] Maybole
William Menzies
J. G. Hannay
William Rennie
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044 ; 045 Situated on a gently sloping declivity affording a delightful view of the low ground and the hills beyond towards the east, S.E. [South East] and South, it is very irregular most of the streets being narrow and badly paved The principal thoroughfare which extends through the whole length of the town in a NE [North Easterly] and Southwesterly direction has three distinct names New Yards to the N. E. [North East] extending from the Railway Station to Maybole Castle is pretty regular the houses being mostly recently erected neat and two storey, Whitehall to the S.W. [South West] is regular the houses of which are also modern and with a few exceptions two storey Main Street in the Centre extending from the N. [North] end of Welltrees Street to Maybole Castle is irregular and badly paved. Many of the houses, which are nearly all two storey and in good repair, have been rebuilt and others repaired giving them in general a neat appearance, this is almost exclusively a street of shops grocers drapers [etc] the only one in the town with shops worthy of notice. The streets branching off towards the S.E. [South East] from this are narrow steep and irregular and the houses are generally one storey. The Old burying ground is situated in the S.E. [South East] part of the town & it is enclosed by a stone wall six feet high. The Old Parish Church stood about the centre of it but no trace whatever remains of the building at present having been totally removed at the erection of the present Church which stands at the N. [North] side of New Yards adjacent to and west of the burying ground a new two storey dwelling house stands on the site of what was once called the Black house, the houses of the Abbots of Crossraguel extended

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Town of Maybole.

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