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[Page] No 57

[Left Column]
I fancied that what you have called
Bailliehill Mount was a Tumulus,
but perhaps this is not on the Greenhill farm? is it?

[Right column]
Bailliehill Mount is on
the farm of North Woodhill

[Left Column]
And do I understand you aright in
supposing that Bailliehill Mount is
Considered by the authorities quoted as
having been "a place where justice was
administered" in the same way as
the tumulus at Hendeanhill [?] and that on
the Waterpark farm?

[Right column] [Feint] James Brown Woodhill
and The Duke of Portland
Yes The authorities quoted
Stated so the name also
is in the favour of the Supposed

[Left column]
Can you throw any light upon this
third large tumulus? possibly the
History is in error

[Right column]
Yes now accounted for
See Traces and Name Sheet
History correct

[Left column]
The Telegraph posts are not to be
shewn in future - merely write
"Electric Telegraph" upon that Side
of the Railway upon which it is -
inform Messrs Kennedy and Stuart

[Right column]
Should be attended to
in Future

done as directed

[Initialled] JB Capt [Captain] RE [Royal Engineers]
16 May 56[1856]

Land of [Waterfalls] - Mr Wallace Robert

[Signed right column] James Morgan CA [Civilian Assistant]

[Signed] John Morgan C Ast [Civilian Assistant]

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