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Kilmaurs Parish [inverted]
Extracts from Paterson's History of Ayrshire
[Left column]
Page 209 There was a chapel at
Busbie which had an appropriate
Endowment for its Chaplain. - After
the Reformation the Chapel was allowed
to fall into Ruins. Possibly this Site
cannot be identified.
[Right column]
Mauchline 24.5.56 [24 May 1856]
Attended to

[Left column]
Kilmaurs Castle. Of the Castle of Kilmaurs
described by Pont, there seems to be now
no certain remains. From Pont's Map
however, where the castle is dotted, and
Carmel Wood (still so called) the faire
parke by which it was [Environed], Some
idea of its Situation may be formed.
It appears to have stood Some distance
east of the church, probably as conjectured
by Robertson, on the farm called Jock's Thorn
where Some ruins can Still be pointed out.
It is curious that its position should be
a matter of dubiety - when Pont Surveyed
the district in 1608, the Castle of Kilmaurs
Existed in all the pomp of family distinction -
and now, about 240 years since,Or is its
Grandeur worn out even the traditional ruin
that its site cannot be identified with certainty.

[Right column] Supposed site shown
on trace on the
authority of R P Adam
Esqr. of Tour and others

[Left column]
"Kilmaurs House" - A seat of the Earls of
"Glencairn" - a portion of this building looks
Ancient, but I cannot find about the
date of its erection - can you obtain
any local information? to warrant its being
written in G. [German] text?

[Right column] At present the
date cannot be
established. The Earl
of Eglinton's Factor may
have some Documents
which will solve the matter.

[Initialled] JB Capt RE [Captain Royal Engineers]
9/5/56 [9 May 1856]

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[Signed] Capt [Captain] Bayly
RE [Royal Engineers]

[Signed] James Morgan ca [Civilian Assistant]

[Signed] John Morgan C. Asst [Civilian Assistant]

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