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Doon Park
John MacLimont, Writer,
William Corser, Minister
George K. Young, Esqr. Glendoune
W. M. Morran, Majistrate
Johnstons County Map.-
055 Part of the Town of Girvan extending from the Gas Works to its extremity on the South - the Houses are Mostly one Storey high, Slated and in good repair.- Property of George Kirkpatrick Young, Esqr. Glendoune.-
PIEDMONT ROAD [Girvan] Piedmont Road
Piedmont Road
Piedmont Road
Piedmont Road
John MacLimont,
William Corser,
George K. Young
W. M. Morran
055 A Parish road extending from Coalpots Bridge to the town of Girvan where it divides the Newtown from Dounepark.-
The Mote
The Mote
The Mote
John MacLimont
William Corser
George K. Young
W. M. Morran
055 The site of an Ancient Circular Moat. It has been completely demolished and levelled with the field - a quantity of human bones were found at the time of its removal - Property of Duchesse de Coigney - Its present appearance is that of a small round Knoll rising gently and not very high; and has the appearance of a Natural feature, except a small portion to the N. W. [North West] -

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This name when
taken in connection
with the part of the
Town to which it applies
on the 1/2500 scale, would
be out of position on the
bodies of any of the 1/500 Plans-
It is therefore only written on the margins

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