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Glenmuck Craig
Glenmuck Craig
Glenmuck Craig
Glenmuck Craig
William Walker Esqr.
Mr. Robert Smith Merchant
Mr. William Galloway Parish School master
Revd. [Reverend] William Gilchrist E. M. [Established Minister]
053 A prominent large rocky Steep hill extending along the east Side of the Turnpike road from Ayr to Cairsphairn in Kirkcudbright and opposite to
Craigwaughton - on the other Side of the road - both Craigs approach So near that there is just room and no more for the road and river at the bottom - It is formed of Steep Rocky Knowes one above another and appears from the road as if it was all one precipitous Cliff ready to tumble down on the passerby; at the bottom of each cliff is a quantity of loose Scattered rocks rolled from the Cliff. - The west Side the most Cliffy the north and east Sides next then South Side is a little rocky with a gradual Slope to Craig Burn the property of the Hone. [Honourable] F. M. Cathcart Berbeth House

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