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Iron Hill
Iron Hill
P. Richardson F.C [Free Church] Minr [Minister]
Ivie Willet Par. [Parochial] Teacher
James Hope Esqr.
050 Is an oblong heathy pasture hill. Der-iving its name from the fact of it containing large quantities of iron ore above which are regular strata of a reddish coloured Limestone "cropping out" on the South west side. Property of Sir James Ferguson Bart. [Baronet]
Drumochreen Cairn
Drummochreen Cairn
Peter Richardson F.C [Free Church] Minr [Minister]
Ivie Willet Par [Parochial] Teacher
James Hope Esqr
050 About a cart load of small stones piled on each other constitute what is locally known as "Drumochreen Cairn".
Tradition is the only information we can obtain suspecting its signification and is as follows - " The Lands of Drummochreen & Dalquharren has had a lawsuit about some of their property boundary in which the former was successful, the latter overtook him on his way home and slew him before the other had time to draw his Sword, at the place where the cairn is now erected". A red coloured Stone is pointed out which is said to lie dyed with the "Lairds blood". being which is only a sandstone impregnated with iron ore -

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