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Dalquharran etc
Dalquharran etc
Dalquharran etc
P. Richardson
Thomas Scott
Ivie Willet
William Brown Esqr.
050 Erected about the year 1830 by the Honble [Honourable] T.F Kennedy of [Dalquharran] but has since been rebuilt and enlarged in 1848. Bricks & Pipe [Tiles] of various kinds & sizes are [manufactured] here to a large extent. The clay from which they are made is [denominated] fire clay, and is composed of sand & mud; it goes through a process of grinding between two heavy [cylinders] before being fit for use, it is then carried [to a large ] table & mixed with water to make it soft, for the [purpose] of forming the Brick & Tiles. These are then arranged on shelves to dry after which they are carried to the Kiln and [burned] untill fit for sale. The engine is 15 horsepower. Their is a saw mills for wood, attached. the engine of which is 10 horsepower. Dalquharran Tile work & Saw Mill are held by the Honble [Honourable] [T.F. /F. T.] [Kennedy] of Dalquharran

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