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WATER OF ASSEL Water of Assel
Water of Assel
Water of Assel
Water of Asle
Assel Burn
W. McMorran
John MacLimont
George K. Young
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Corsan
056 [Situation] Flows Westward thro' [through] the South and South West of Plan
A large mountain Stream, which takes its rise on Marshy Ground near the "Big Lane" and falls into River Stinchar, at the farm-house called Asselfoot
MULL OF MILJOAN Mull of Miljoan
Mull of Miljoan
Mull of Miljoan
Mull of Miljoan
Rev [Reverend] E B Wallace
William S. Walker
D. McKie Esq
N. McDonald
Johnstons County Map
056 [Situation] Extends along the East of the plan from North to South
A large Steep and prominent rough pasture hill, having a Trgl. [Trigonometrical] Station on its summit; Property of McKie Esq & Brown Esq

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Sheet 56 Plan 7 Traces 3, 4, 5 & 6 -- Parish of Dailly

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