Place names

These volumes provide information on the place names found in the county of Argyll. The columns of these ledgers include the place name, any variant name and spellings, map sheet numbers and descriptive remarks.

24936 place names

ABHUINN A' GHLINN DUIRCHOS1/2/67/45Argyll volume 67
ABHUINN A' GHLINNEOS1/2/63/88Argyll volume 63
ABHUINN A' GHLINNEOS1/2/65/45Argyll volume 65
ABHUINN A' GHLINNEOS1/2/65/77Argyll volume 65
ABHUINN A' GHLINNEOS1/2/74/153Argyll volume 74
ABHUINN A' GHLINNE MHOIROS1/2/37/132Argyll volume 37
ABHUINN A' GHLINNE MHOIROS1/2/77/173Argyll volume 77
ABHUINN A' GHOIRTEIN BHUIDHEOS1/2/74/85Argyll volume 74
ABHUINN A' MHINISTEIROS1/2/32/54Argyll volume 32
ABHUINN A' MHUILINNOS1/2/28/44Argyll volume 28
ABHUINN A' MHUILINNOS1/2/31/5Argyll volume 31
ABHUINN A' MHUILINNOS1/2/32/65Argyll volume 32
ABHUINN A' MHUILINNOS1/2/33/149Argyll volume 33
ABHUINN A' MHUILINNOS1/2/35/190Argyll volume 35
ABHUINN ÀIRIDH AN T-SLUICOS1/2/39/24Argyll volume 39
ABHUINN ÀIRIDH NAN CAISTEALOS1/2/39/95Argyll volume 39
ABHUINN ÀIRIDH NAN SÌTHEANOS1/2/39/17Argyll volume 39
ABHUINN ÀIRIDH NAN SÌTHEANOS1/2/70/29Argyll volume 70
ABHUINN ALT ASTAILOS1/2/35/100Argyll volume 35