Place names

These volumes provide information on the place names found in the county of Argyll. The columns of these ledgers include the place name, any variant name and spellings, map sheet numbers and descriptive remarks.

24936 place names

ABHAINN SRATHAINOS1/2/59/34Argyll volume 59
ABHAINN TEITHILOS1/2/1/18Argyll volume 01
ABHAINN TEITHILOS1/2/48/76Argyll volume 48
ABHAINNGHILLEANOS1/2/59/68Argyll volume 59
ABHUIMM MONADH MHILTICHOS1/2/63/51Argyll volume 63
ABHUINN A' BHAIL' IOCHDARAICHOS1/2/39/207Argyll volume 39
ABHUINN A' BHAIL' UIROS1/2/76/94Argyll volume 76
ABHUINN A' BHAILE THARBHAICHOS1/2/39/67Argyll volume 39
ABHUINN A' BHEADOS1/2/31/21Argyll volume 31
ABHUINN A' BHEIDHEOS1/2/28/223Argyll volume 28
ABHUINN A' BHREMANOIROS1/2/37/77Argyll volume 37
ABHUINN A' CHAIGINN MHÒIROS1/2/47/58Argyll volume 47
ABHUINN A' CHAIGINN MHOIROS1/2/76/123Argyll volume 76
ABHUINN A' CHNUIC BHRICOS1/2/67/133Argyll volume 67
ABHUINN A' CHOIREOS1/2/76/94Argyll volume 76
ABHUINN A' CHRUAIDH GHOIRTEINOS1/2/37/75Argyll volume 37
ABHUINN A' CHRUAIDH-GHLINNOS1/2/66/169Argyll volume 66
ABHUINN A' CHUIRNOS1/2/65/100Argyll volume 65
ABHUINN A' CHÙIRN BHIGOS1/2/39/161Argyll volume 39
ABHUINN A' GHARBH-ACHAIDHOS1/2/67/152Argyll volume 67