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Parish of Campbelton, Argyllshire

Page 137 Ballimenach - 1.
Page 138 Lower Ballimenach
Page 155 Ballimenach Hill
Page 157 Ballimeanach - 2.

The doubt is on this latter
name, on the letter a
No 2 is to a house near
the Sea
No 1 is to a house, inland
and about three miles father North

Spelling of No. 1 adopted

Should we retian the
letter a in the name
marked 2
R M Parsons
Captain R.E. [Royal Engineers]
29th May 1869

In this case I would
recommend the a to be
deleted & adopt one
uniform spelling thus
please to cause the
Name Book and Plan to be corrected accordingly
Captn. [Captain] Parsons
RE [Royal Engineers]

Bruce Hull Melville
Capt R.E. [Captian Royal Engineers]
30 June 1869

6 inch impression altered by Mr. Nixon
1 Inch Photo attend by A W Lachlan
6 July 1869

Captain Melville
Royal Engineers

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