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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
MULL OF KINTYRE Mull of Cantyre
Mull of Cantyre
Mull of Cantyre
Moile of Cantire
Maol Chinntìre
Mull of Kintyre
Mull of Kintyre
Stat: [Statistical] Account
Mr. Stuart, Chamberlain, Campbelton
Mr. Colvill, Carksey [Carskey]
County Map
(Gael. [Gaelic]) - Land's-end Head
Land's End
New Stat [Statistical] Account
Old Stat [Statistical] Account
264 A very bold headland stretching from Balmavicar Burn, (on Trace 7,) round by the Lighthouse, (Trace 7 also,) to the shore south of "Glemanuil" on 265:9.
Rudha Chlachan
Rudha Chlachan
Archibald Todd, Strone
Duncan Ferguson, Dalbuie
Duncan Cameron
264 A rocky portion of the coast east of "Sròn Uaidh".
Sig: [Signification] Point of Stones.

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