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SILVER AND COPPER COINS FOUND HERE [Cloysterseat] Silver & Copper Coins found here Mr Temple Cloysterseat
Mr Young Tillyfar
047 Mr Temple of Cloysterseat, has at various times found a great number of curious & ancient coins on his farm, upwards of 100. Some of them belong to Charles I & II time Queen Mary's, James III, George I & II. Robert Bruce's name Robertus can be easily decerned on one side of Bruces coin & on the other a Scottish Thistle, Mary has a lion rampant on one side & the letter M on the other,
There are two coins marked "1797" and having the word "Montrose" written on one side with a bridge & large river flowing under, and at a distance the town of Montrose; on the other side is a woman spinning. Also in his possession a twopenny piece of George II reign, & a great many more too numerous to mention, they can all be seen at his residence at Cloysterseat.

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