List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Mr. Robb Tenant,
Valuation Roll
012 Applies to a farm & several Crofts occupied by different Tenants. Property of Rev. [Reverend] A.K. Bridges of Fedderat.
Mr. Robb
Mr. Morris Poor Inspector
012 A Cultivated hill feature rising immediately from the west side of the village, well known by this name.
MARY'S VALLEY Mary's Valley
Mary's Valley
Alexander Davie Tenant
Valuation Roll
012 A small croft, Garden attd. [attached] near a corner of the Ph. Bry. [Parish boundary]. Sir J Forbes, Fettercairn.
GRAVE [nr Monsethie] Grave
Mr. Davie
Mr. Davidson, High Street
012 A person named Leggat Committed Suicide about the year 1798, and according to usage of the period was buried in a division of Laird Ships.

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12.4 Aberdeenshire Parish of Tyrie

Note: Gran Burn : Described in Name Sheets of "New Deer" parish

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