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Pict's House Continued

"Pictish Camps. These ancient dwellings are of a Circular form, varying from nine to forty feet in diameter, with a Dyke or Wall raised on the exterior. This was of course, a shelter from the Cold as well as a Support for the roof. In the Centre of the floor is often found an Accumulation of Ashes, below which is laid a Causeway or Pavement of natural faced stones joined closely together, in some extending over the whole interior of the Camp, in others only a small space in the middle, and laid in the manner of a hearthstone."
History of Birse by Robert Dinnie.
"Along the sides of the glen (Den of Boddam Peterhead) are a number of excavations of different sizes, large enough to contain from 4 to 8 persons. These tradition says were the houses of the Picts or Peights."
Bratt's Buchan
"Sir Richard Holt Hoare remarks in his "ancient Wiltshire" "We have undoubted proofs from history and from existing remains that the earlier habitations were Pits or Slight excavations in the ground, covered and protected from the inclemency of the Weather.

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