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STONE COFFIN CONTAINING HUMAN REMAINS FOUND HERE A.D. 1850 [Barbara's Hillock] A Stone Coffin Containing Human Remains Found here A.D.1850 William Jamieson Haughs of Ashogle
Captain Morrison Knockiemill Cottage
James Clark Tillyfar
011 A Stone Coffin containing calcined bones was found by Mr. Jamieson, Haughs of Ashogle, while bringing that part of his land into cultivation about the Year 1850. There was no urn.
BARBARA'S HILLOCK Barbara's Hillock William Jamieson Haughs of Ashogle,
Captain Morrison Knockiemill Cottage
James Clark Tillyfar
Thomas Ridgsdal Gamekeeper Forglen
011 A Small cultivated hillock Situated about 20 Chains North East of the Farm of Haughs of Ashogle, on which a Stone coffin was found about the year 1850 Ther was a Woman named Barbra Lived close by this hillock, a very long time ago hense the name

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