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CASTLE OF TOWIE BARCLAY Castle of Towie Barclay (Remains of) Mrs. A. Taylor Castle of Towie-Barclay
Mr. T Lawrence Turriff
Alexander Gerrard Acrestripe
New St. [Statistical] Account
019 The old Castle of Towie-Barclay stands on the north bank of the River Ythan, and was for many centuries, the property and residence of a very ancient Scottish family, not yet, it is said, extinct in this vicinity. Over what was once the chief Entrance is inscribed the date 1136. Notwithstanding this mentioned date, it is believed that the Castle was not built before 1593, while there are dates 1604 and 1695 on the more modern parts of the building. Enough remains of the original edifice to indicate the imposing scale upon which it was designed. The lofty hall, with its groined and vaulted ceiling, and circular arches is a fine specimen of the ancient architecture of Scotland. It was tolerably entire till about 1792, when the roof, turrets, and embrasures were removed, & the height reduced to two stories. It was
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County of Aberdeen: Parish of Turriff

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