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BROAD FORD OF TOWIE (Site of) (Site of)
Broad Ford of Towie
William Leslie Wester Milltown of Towie- Auchterless
Mrs. Taylor Castle of Towie- Barclay
Alexander Gerrard Acrestripe
George Jamieson Park of Woodtown
019 A name given to the site of a Ford that was originally of some note, but now Extinct, and has been for a long time. During the wars of the Covenant in 1639, Montrose hearing that Huntly intended to attack the village of Turriff, By means of a forced march, Montrose reached Turriff before Huntly. No sooner were they thus established than the van of Huntly's army arrived, and finding the town so formidably occupied, they drew off to the fields in the neighbourhood of Towie-Barclay, Crossing the Burn of Balquholly, wither the rest of his company was begun to move. This place was afterwards known by the name " Broade Foorde of Towie" or "Broad Ford of Towie". The later is still well known by the oldest inhabitants in the locality.

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County of Aberdeen: Parish of Turriff

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