List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CROFT OF WOODTOWN Croft of Woodtown Andrew Clark Tenant
James Anderson St Marys Croft
Rent Receipts 1869
019 Situated on the North side of Hospital Wood, it is a small Croft, and is the property of G. Duff Esq. of Hatton.
HOSPITAL WOOD Hospital Wood A. Anderson Croft of Upper Woodtown
A. Gerrard Acrestripe
James Anderson, St Mary's Croft
019 A large Fir Plantation, situated about half a mile North of Pitdoulsie and is the property of Robert Gordon's Hospital Aberdeen.
ST MARY'S CROFT St Mary's Croft James Anderson Tenant
Lease 1865
A. Gerrard Acrestripe
019 A large Crofters House in good repair situated about half a mile East of Woodhead and is the property of the Right Hon [Honourable] Earl of Fife. The origination of this name is not known, but it has been known as such for a number of years

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