List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
WOOD OF DARRA Wood of Darra Robert Smith Turriff
James Wood Little Colp
John Pirie Mill of Colp
019 A large Fir Plantation, about three Miles East of Turriff. And on the South Side of the Turriff Section of Railway, the property of [...]
THE MOUNT The Mount John Cowie Farm of Mill of Colp
John Pirie Mill of Colp
George Stephen. Croft of Colp
019 A small but round Hillock situated on the Farm of Mill of Colp, and the property of G. Duff Esq. of Hatton.

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County of Aberdeen. Parish of Turriff.

Note: [page signed by] Mathew Banks C.A. [Civilian Assistant]

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Name: Haugh of Little Colp"
Description: A flat, of Arable land By the Side of the Water of Idoch, it is the property of G. Duff, Esq. of Hatton.

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