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HILL OF BOGGIESHALLOCH Hill Of Boggieshalloch Mr. Robert Smith Tenant Boggieshalloch
Mr. Archibald Laid Millmoss
Robert Johnson Lower Smiddyseat
019 A small round hill, on the summit of which is a fir Wood, situated about 20 Chains south of the Farm of Boggieshalloch, from which it takes its name, the property of Garden William Alexander Duff Esq. Hatton Castle.
WOOD OF BOGGIESHALLOCH Wood of Boggieshalloch Mr. Robert Smith, Boggieshalloch
Mr. Archibald Laid, Millmoss
Robert Johnson, Lower Smiddyseat
019 A name given to the Fir Wood on the top of the Hill of that name, the property of Garden William Alexander Duff Esqr. Haton Castle.

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County of Aberdeen. Parish of Turriff.

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