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Mr. Peter Grassick Occupier
Mr. Robert Dawson Cushlachie
Mr. John Grassick Newton
061 Indicates the name of a Farm Consisting of a dwelling house and Gardens with farm office houses detached. Situated a little SE [South East] of the Back Burn of Towie and abt [about] ⅛ of a Mile S.E. [South East] of Kinbattoch The property of Mr. Lumsden of Clova Kildrummy Aberdeenshire
Mr. John Grassick Occupier
Mr. Alexander Couch Occupier
Mr. Robert Dawson Cushlachie
061 A Farm Consisting of two dwelling houses with Garden and out houses detached. Situated abt [about] ⅛ of a Mile E. [East] of Torrycrien ½ a Mile S.E. [South East] of Kinbattoch and at the North edge of the old County Road The property of Mr. Lumsden Clova
Site of CAIRN [Newton] Stone Cists Urns, Trinkets & Roman Medals found here AD 1750
Site of Cairn
Mr John Grassick Newton
Mr. John Fife Nether Towie
Mr. Alexander Couch Newton
061 Over which stood a large Cairn of Stones, which, at the time, was removed for building dykes on the Farms of Newton and Nether Towie and on trenching the site for arable land the relics discovered were two Stone Cists of Slabs measuring each abt [about] 4 feet in length, in breadth and depth abt [about] 2 feet each way. Containing ashes and blackish mound. In the Cairn and above the Surface, it is said, there have been a vast many bones found, and bits of rusty Steel, trinkets & Roman medals much defaced. etc. etc. Situated abt [about] 11 Chain E.N.E. [East North East] of Newton Farm a little N. [North] of the old County road and abt [about] a Chain E [East] of a Stone Wall or Dyke The property of Mr. Lumsden of Clova

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Parish of Towie

Note: Site of Cairn -- "The Tumuli on the farm of Kinbattock were opened in 1750
in which were found several Kistivaen, Containing urns, trinkets,
bones, Roman medals with inscriptions etc." Statistical Account. P. [Page] 417.

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