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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Supposed STONE CIRCLE (Remains of) [Newbigging] Supposed remains of Stone Circle
Supposed remains of Stone Circle
Supposed remains of Stone Circle
Dr. [Doctor] Robb
Mr. Fraser Glenkindie Arms Inn
Mr. William Forbes Carrier
061 These remains Consist of a large block of granite 7 feet in height supposed to be one of a Circle existing here some time. No one in the neighbourhood recollects of ever having seen it in any other Condition than now.
QUERNS FOUND HERE A.D. 1853 [Newbigging] Querns found here (1853) Mr. Frazer
Mr. MacRobbie
Mr. P. Cran
061 In the year 1853 while ploughing this field two Querns were found.
Lodge Wood
Lodge Wood
Mr. Fraser
Mr. Forbes
Dr [Doctor] Robb
061 A small plantation of Fir Wood Near to the Glenkindie Arms Inn.

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Parish of Towie

Note: Stone Circle -- "In a field on the north side of the river, near the present bridge,
is a stone of unhewn granite, standing upright, height about seven feet above ground, supposed to be of Druidical origin" Statistical account.

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