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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Allt Dobhran
Allt Dobhran
Mr. William Glenny Little Millhuie
Mr. George Spence West Howmuir
Mr. John Spence East Howmuir
061 A Stream which issues from Springs a little East of Foremoss and forms the bottom or Channel of a slopping [sloping] Glen; leads S.E. [South East] for abt. [about] 2 miles where it enters the River Don at a Cottage on the County road called the Kindie Bar. The name in English is Otterbrook etc.
BRUGH Brough
Mr. William Cran Farmton Occupier
Mr. Peter Cran Old Morlich
Mr. James Anderson New Morlich
061 A Circular little fort on the Summit of a narrow range or promontary, situated a little N.E. [North East] of where a Burn called Allt Dobhran cross the County road also abt [about] ⅛ of a Mile West of Glenkindie House Demesne, at present under plantation
FOSSE [Brugh] Fosse
Mr. William Cran Farmton occupier
Mr. Peter Cran Old Morlich
Mr. James Anderson New Morlich
061 The Fosse is almost defaced on the E. [East] it being filled up for Cultivation and in which a Stone wall inclosure denotes the interior rim The other portion, the wall denotes the exterior rim of Fosse. Mr. P. Cran remembers in his boyhood some 60 years past the Fosse of which being well defined It seems little or nothing can be known with certainty about this Fort and some other ones about the Wilds of the Don.

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Parish of Strathdon Detached

Note: Allt Dobhrain -- Allt, a Mountain Stream: Dobhran, An Otter. Gaelic. ( The Plan to be altered)

Note: Brugh -- Brugh, Brogh, Brough, Burgh. An encampment of a circular form. In Lothian, encampments of the Circular form are called Ring-forts, from A.S. hring, orbis, Circulus. This name is also given to the stronger Sort of houses in which the Picts are said to have resided. (Jamieson)

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