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Sh. [Sheet] 70/3 Allt na Tuilich 1st Col. [Column] O. N. Bk. [Ordnance Name Bk]
"Allt na Tulach! in pencil
Allt na Tulaich burn of the Knoll, not "Knolls"
Tulach is entered in Dewar & McLeod's Gaelic Dictionary as a masculine noun, but in this locality feminine hence na instead of an

Sh. [Sheet] 61/15 Socach Burn 1st Col. [Column] O.N.Bk. [Ordnance Name Book]
Soccoch Burn 2nd Col. [Column] O.N.Bk. [Ordnance Name Book]
The name in 1st Col. [Column] good enough.
There is no need for the second c in 2nd Col. [Column]
[signed] Alexander Donald 16.10

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