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Lazywell Burn
Lazywell Burn
Lazywell Burn
Mr. Anderson. N. [North] Birkhill
Mr. John Gordon. Upper Towie
Mr. Gregor McGregor. Fernrea
Mr. Alexander Cameron Gamekeeper Woodside
070 A Small Sream, So called from the Lazy Well, near its source, but for some distance it runs underground, before it forms a Stream, it then flows in a north direction till it joins the Leabrae Burn, near Auldtown.
DRUMQUHIL HILLOCK Drumquhil Hillock Drumquhil Hillock Drumquhil Hillock Mr. John Gordon
Mr. Gregor McGregor
Mr. Alexander Cameron
070 A small eminence or ridge known by this name.
DRUMQUHIL BURN Drumquhil Burn Drumquhil Burn Drumquhil Burn Mr. John Gordon
Mr. G. McGregor
Mr. Alexander Cameron
070 A small stream, so called flowing in a north by Northeast direction from its source at the Round Moss till it joins the Lazywell Burn, near its confluence with the Leabrae Burn.

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Parish of Towie

Note: Drumquhil Hillock: Drum - A knoll; a ridge, applied to little hills which rise as ridges above the level of the adjacent ground. (Jamieson)

& Choille - ridge of the wood. J McD

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