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Parish of Tarland Detached

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Sh [Sheet] 69. Creag an Aonaich 1st Col [Column] O.N.Bk [Ordnance Name BooK]
"Creag an eanaich" in pencil 1st Col [Column] O.N.Bk [Ordnance Name BooK]
If Creag an eanaich it should be Creag [an]
Eanaich. The pronouncing Aonaich is
very near that of Eanaich not being on
the ground cannot say which had better
be adopted.

Sh [Sheet] 69 Tom Fuaraich 1st Col [Column] Tom Bhuirich in p[-]
if adopted should be Tom a' Bhuirich (Knoll of the bellowing etc.)
From the name as in 2nd Col [Column] one would infer
that Tom a' Bhuirich is most likely the [-]
Bh sounds v. Is it Tom Mhuirich Murdoch's Knoll. Mh[-]
Alexander McDonald 16.10.95

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