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CREAG AN AONAICH Craignenach Hill
Craignenach Hill
Craignenach Hill
Mr George Downie. Littleburn Cottage
Mr James Simpson Shinnoch
Mr Robert Philip, Garchory
Mr James Dunbar Ord & Belniden
CRAIG OF WESTERTOWN Craig of Westertown
Craig of Westertown
Craig of Westertown
Estate Plan 1816
Mr. George Downie
Mr. Robert Philip.
069 This name applies to the face of a hill or eminence which has boulder stones and Cropping Rocks protruding, but since the trees in the surrounding plantation have grown up, the stones or rocks are not to be seen now.
TOM FUARAICH Tomvourach Hill
Tomvourach Hill
Tomvourach Hill
Mr. George Downie
Mr. Robert Philip
Mr. James Simpson
Mr. James Dunbar
Mr. Alexander Dunbar Skellater
069 A very conspicuous hill know by this name, and planted with fir trees which are now nearly full grown, but prior to this hill being planted with trees it was known by this name which it still retains

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Note: CREAG AN AONAICH - More likely C. an eanaich Craig of the marsh. If from Aonach then C. neenach, long, which it does not appear to be.
James McDonald
Aonach, a hill, a steep, height, desert place (Gaelic)
Bad na Moine is close to this hill

Note: TOM FUARAICH - In Strathdon Parish
Tom Bhuirich I shd [should] say.
It is not a cold hill & cd, [could] not have been when implanted, but very likely a hunting place. JMcD

Note: The Cold Hill - Fuaraich (Fuar) Cool; Cold; become Cool. Fuaran. - A well, a spring, a fountain, Tom - A round hillock or knoll, a rising ground (Gaelic)

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