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BURN OF BRACO Burn of Braco
Burn of Braco
Burn of Braco
William Jack. Hawkhill
James Murray. Auchentumb
Estate Plan 1770. In possession of Mr John Sleigh. Strichen Mains
007 A Small stream, or rivulet falling into the 'North Ugie' near 'Oldmill,' And having its source for about ¼ mile called Mirydubs Burn (7.6. trace 2 Tyrie) thence named Burn of Auchentumb (7.10. trace 3 Fraserburgh) till point 10 chains south west of Craighill farmhouse (7.11 trace 4) (Fraserburgh Det [Detached]) The remaining portion being termed Burn of Braco. Throughout its course it forms the parish boundary.
VOLUNTEER RIFLE RANGE [Mormond Hill] Rifle Range (2nd 17th A.R. [Aberdeenshire Rifles] Volunteers
Rifle Range (2nd 17th A.R. [Aberdeenshire Rifles] Volunteers
Mr Chalmers. Merchant. Strichen
Mr McDonald. Strichen
Dr [Doctor] Gavin. Strichen
007 A Rifle Range situated on the south western slope of Mormond Hill, Leased, constructed, and used by the (2nd 17th Aberdeenshire Rifle Volunteers, Strichen. It is marked every 50 yds, up to 800, but Commands a range of 1000 yds when necessary. A portion is situate on the moor, the remainder along banks, and top of sod fence.

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Plan 7-15 -- Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Strichen

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