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Mr Anderson Schoolmaster
Mr Gordon Finnylost
Mr Wattie Bellabeg
060 A small clump of fir wood in a hollow a short distance north of the parochial School.
TOM BREAC Tombreck Hill
Tombreck Hill
Tombreck Hill
Mr Anderson Schoolmaster
Mr MacGregor, Carpenter, Parkvilla
Mr Ironside Landsteward
060 A Hill partly wooded & partly in Heather a short distance west of the School. Tombreck is a Corruption of the Gaelic words Tom-Breac Signifying the spotted Hill.
MARKET STANCE [Tom Breac] Market Stance
Market Stance
Market Stance
Mr John Begg Mercht [Merchant]
Mr MacGregor Parkvilla
Mr Duguid Blacksmith Parkvilla
060 A portion of Muir at the foot of Tombreck used as a Market stance 3 times a year for Cattle & sheep.

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Parish of Strathdon

[Note beside 'The Clashnein']
An Claisnein? See Correspondence
not in Roman Print as signifies "at bottom" and the word "wood" not implied? Same as Hillock see p. [page] 63
Contr. [Contraction] of Clais nan eun "furrow of the birds." Clashneen to be preferred. [Initialled] JMcD
Clais A furrow, &c. a hollow
Clashneen seems to be a provincialism for the diminutive - don't think so [Initialled] JMcD
form of the word Clais. - Would it not be, therefore, better write the name 'An Claisnein?

[Note beside 'Tom Breac']
Tom breac The spotted hillock
See the name "Tom breck" without the word hill being affixed at the N.W. [North West] side of Ben Newe on this Plan

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