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LOCH OF BUNNSACH Loch of Bunzeach
Loch of Bunzeach
Loch of Bunzeach
Estate Plan 1766
Estate Plan 1823.
Mr John McGregor, Tullyduke
069 A Small pool or Loch, well known by this name. in which are often found wild ducks, snipe, etc
GLAC OF BUNNSACH Glack of Bunzeach
Glack of Bunzeach
Glack of Bunzeach
Head of Deskry
Estate Plan 1766
Mr John McGregor
Mr John Riach, Lochans
Estate Plan 1823
069 This name applies to a hollow or slack, between two hill and also divinding two glens. the Burn of Deskry rises near this place.
Black Loch
Black Loch
Mr John Riach
Mr John McGregor
Mr Duncan Cameron Westermorven
069 A Small pool or Loch known by this name from the appearance of the black stagnant which always remains in it.

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Parish of Strathdon

[Note beside 'Loch of Bunnsach'] - Loch Bunaich [Initialled] JMcD

[Note beside 'Glac Bunsaich']
Glac. A hollow. A valley between mountains
Bunnsach. A rod twig. sudden rush, or precipitate movement (Gaelic) A place where osiers grow

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