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Eatnach Hillock
Eatnach Hillock
Mr John Riach, Lochans,
Mr William Forbes. Birkford
Mr James Morrison. Bogbuie
069 A Small Eminence or hillock known by this name, formerly noted for juniper bushes & berries
Sloganbui Burn
Burn of Sluganbui
Burn of Sluganbuie
Mr John Riach
Mr William Forbes
Estate Plan 1823.
Mr James Morrison
069 A small stream known by this name rising in the Mullachdhu Hill and flowing in a Northeast direction till it joins the Burn of Deskry
FOREST OF BUNNSACH Forest of Bunzeach
Forest of Bunzeach
The Bunzeach
The Bunzeach
Estate Plan 1823.
Mr John Riach
Mr William Forbes.
Mr James Morrison
069 A large tract of land or district formerly a Forest. but for a long time heathy pasture, peat moss. etc. It extends from the top of the Burn of Deskry or Glack of Bunzeach till the top of Mullachdhu Hill & from thence till the top of Clashnagat and from thence till the Craig of Bunzeach and again till the Burn of Deskry. which marks it boundary on the Southeast
FOREST OF BUNZEACH [1895] Mr J Macdonald, The Farm, Huntly. N.B. [North Britain] 069 For 1" purposes only. See Remark in Index. 1895

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Parish of Strathdon

[Note beside 'Aiteannach Hillock']
Etnach - of or belonging to juniper; made of the wood of the juniper bush (Jamieson)
Should be written Etnach Hillock
Etnach is now a common Scotch word borrow from Gaelic.

buie is better [Initialled] JMcD
Slogan. The war Cry, or gathering word of a clan
Sloc or Slochd - dimslochdan a little pit.

[Note beside 'Forest of Bunnsach']
Bunnsach. Bunsach. Bunnsag. Bunsag. A rod. An osier, A twig: a place where osiers grow. (Gaelic)

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