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Lonach Hill
Lonach Hill
Mr George McHardy. Delhandy
Mr Alexander Dunbar. Skellater
Mr James Dunbar. Ord & Belneaden
069 A conspicuous Eminence known by this name. planted with fir trees which are now nearly full grown, and rises very abruptly from the South. East. and West. Sides. and in the north or northwest it joins or form a shoulder of the hill called Cairn-more.
Lonach. signifies the slogan or watchword of the Strathdon men.
SILVER COINS FOUND HERE A.D. 1822 [nr Delhandy] Silver Coins found here (1822)
Silver Coins found here (1822)
Silver Coins found here (1822)
Mr Alister McHardy. Gamekeeper Newe.
Mr James Simpson Shinnoch
Mr James Dunbar. Ord & Belneaden
069 About the year 1821-22. while the workmen were employed building a stone dyke here. and collecting stones from a Craig or Cairn adjoining. they discovered a great number of Silver Coins. and a Gold. and a Silver rings. The number of Coins found cannot be assertained but they were very numerous. and found at Subsequent periods. The date or reign of the coins cannot distinctly be made out. But appears to be those of Edward I. the inscription as near as can be made out is E.D.W. R.A.N.G.L. D.N.S. The reverse bears a St George's Cross. and twelve roundlets. probably. Bezants three in each quarter where the cross intersects. Surrounded by the inscription C.I.V.I.T.A.S. The size of some of them were nearly as large as a shilling and others. as sixpence.

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Strathdon Parish

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In Tarland Detached
?Cnoc Lònach
Lònach Hill
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Ancient Silver Coins found here AD 1822

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