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CORGARFF [Continued from page 133]

I will tell you: See we are mixed one and one, Forbeses and Gordon. I had only to give a sign by the stroking down of my beard, thus and every Forbes was to have drawn the Skein from under his left arm, and stabbed to the heart his right hand man; and as he spoke, he suited the sign to the word, and stroked down his flowing beard 'God Almighty'! exclaimed Huntly, 'what is this', for in a moment a score of skeins were out, and flashing in the light of the pine-torches held behind the guests. In an other moment they were buried in as many hearts; for the Forbeses whose eyes constantly watched their chief, mistaking this involuntary motion in the telling of his story for the agreed sign of death, struck their weapons into the bodies of the unsuspecting Gordons. The Chiefs looked at each other in silent consternation. At length Forbes said 'This is a sad tragedy we little expected, but what is done, cannot be undone, and the blood that now flows on the floor of Drumminor will just help to slacken the auld fire of Corgarf."
Picken's Traditionary Stories of old Families.
CORGARFF [Continued]
Rent Receipts &c &c
Sir Charles Forbes Bart [Baronet]
Rev [Reverend] Charles McHardy
Mr James Symon
068 This name applies to a district of country situated on the extreme west side of Aberdeenshire; it extends from near Inchmarry in Banffshire, to the Lonach Inn in the parish of Tarland in Strathdon.
There is but little cultivation in the glen, but the people appear to live in comfort and contentment, and are most hospitable to strangers.

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Parish of Strathdon

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