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Tobar Fuar
Tobar Fuar
Rev [Reverend] Mr McHardy, Manse
Mr William Shaw, Castletown
Mr Alexander McRae, Laggenauld
068 "In Corgarff there is a well remarkable for its copiousness, - During the whole year, it discharges a volume of water sufficient to turn a mill wheel. The burn of Loinheirie is entirely supplied by it; its size accordingly, is nearly the same at its source, as when, after its course through its little glen, it joins the Don."
Extract from Statistical Account.

An excellent and copious spring of water, issuing from the foot of a hill called Cairn Mead Lonach. The quantity of water issuing from this spring is said to be the largest in Scotland. It course for about a hundred yards is southwards. after which it is joined by two burns, and is then Known as the Burn of Loinheirie. The writer of the Statistical Account is wrong in saying "The burn of Loinheirie is entirely supplied by it."

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Parish of Strathdon

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The cold spring or well {Tobar, A well or fountain, A source, origin
The cold spring or well {Fuar, Cold, chilly. Fuaran, A well, A spring, fountain (Gaelic)

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