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Kippet Hills
Kippet Hills
Kippit Hills
Statistical Account. 1843.
Mr George Clark Girnel (Ground officer)
Mr James R. Souter. Schoolmaster
Estate Plan 1784. 1792
039 "The Muckle Loch of Slains, is surrounded on three sides by a ridge of land called the Kippet Hills, rising by an easy acclivity to the height of from fifty to sixty feet above the level of the surface" Statistical Account Page 589
These hills are covered with rough benty grass. and underneath is some gravel, &c. The highest point is called the Round Top.
Rumbling Pot
Rumbling Pot
Mr George Clark
Mr James R. Souter Mr John Gray (School Croft)
039 A deep hole or pot near the edge of the Muckle Loch, or Meikle Loch known by this name.
Gallow Hill
Gallow Hill
Mr George Clark
Mr James R. Souter
Mr John Gray
039 A conspicuous Eminence, So called from being Supposed to have been a place of Execution. About 15 years. ago on the Summit of this hill was found near the surface, a hole about 12. or 15. inches square - with stones set on edge. at sides. ends. and one at the bottom and as nothing was found therein, it is believed to have [been] the place where the tree or Gallows stood.

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Parish of Slains -- Aberdeenshire

[Note beside 'Kippet Hills'] - Kip, Kipp, a sharp pointed hill. Tweed
Those parts of a mountain which resemble round Knobs, jutting out by the side of the Cattle-path, are called Kipps

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