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Meikle Loch
Meikle Loch of Slains
Muckle Loch of Slains
Mickle Loch of Slains
Mr George Clark Girnel (Ground officer)
Mr James R. Souter. Schoolmaster
Pratt's Buchan 1858
Statistical Account. 1843
Estate Plan 1784. 1792
039 "There are three lakes in the parish, and one of these is Called the Muckle Loch of Slains, is really a magnificent [sheet] of water, Covering in the depth of winter a basin of from Seventy to Seventy three acres in extent. It is Surrounded on three Sides by a ridge of land. the Kippet Hills, rising by an easy acclivity, to the height of from fifty to Sixty feet above the level of the surface". vide Statistical Account Page 589 - "Its mean depth may be about twenty-two feet. but in one place it has been ascertained to be fifty-two. The only outlet from it is by a Small Stream at the South end, which has been converted into a dam, to drive a meal-mill about a mile blow [below], and this outlet or Stream is called the Burn of Collieston. It is evident from the appearance of its shores, that in former times the Loch ocupied a much larger area - It abounds with perches and pike" Extracts from Pratt's Buchan, page 230 vi [vide] Collections from the Shires of Aberdeen and [Banff]
Little Loch
Little Loch
Mr George Clark.
Mr James R. Souter
Mr Andrew Reid. (Mill of Collieston)
039 This is called the Little Loch merely to distinguish it from the Meikle Loch. But formerly it was Connected with and formed part of the Meikle Loch. It is now merely connected by a Small drain which is its only outlet, It is not fed by a stream but appears to have several Springs within its basin.

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Parish of Slains -- Aberdeenshire

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