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"Hills, across its centre and by cliffs of from 170 to 200 feet in height along great part of its coast. These Cliffs embrace multitudes of little creeks, are torn and piled in terrible confusion, exhibit deep ghastly chasms, and are pierced profoundly with many Caverns. One of the Caverns called "Hell Lum", is upwards of 200 feet long & occasionally 30 feet high, and another Called the "Dropping Cave", or the white cave of Slains is so richly incrusted with Stalactites, and profusely watered with the calcareous drippings from a porous rock which forms them, that though the whole was swept away for transmutation into manure, a new gorgeous coating similar in appearance to carved white marble, was very rapidly formed. About one third of the Coast is a Sandy beach, the soil is of every variety from the lightest sand to the heaviest clay. The principal rocks along the coast are gneiss and mica Slate, the Kippet Hills, consist of gravel mixed with small limestone boulders. Much of the land of the parish is of Caustic calcareous quality, suitable to be dispersed on newly reclaimed clay land, and long used in a general way as a manure. There are two Lakes with each an area of about 15 acres, and one called the "Loch of Slains" or "Meikle Loch of Slains" with an area of 73 acres and a mean depth of 90 feet. There are several chalybeate springs. the Ythan throughout its connection with the parish abounds with fish, and is navigable by sea-borne vessels the chief Antiquity is the ruin of Slain's Castle, situated on a strong peninsulated rock about 120 feet high, whose base is washed by the sea. this Castle was very extensive and of great strength, the only approach to it being a narrow defile which a handful of brave men could have held against any force; but now nothing remains of it except three sides of a square tower and some scattered masonry.

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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Slains

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