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Parish of Rayne

Extracted from the Gazetteer of Scotland [Crossed out]

" Rayne a parish in the district of Garioch, Aberdeenshire; It is bounded
on the north by Auchterless; on the north-east by Fyvie; on the east by Daviot;
on the south and south-east by Chapel-of-Garioch; on the south and south-
-west by the Urie, which divides it from Oyne, and on the west by Culsalmond.
Its length and breadth are each about 3½ miles; and its area is about [...]
square miles. The hill of Rothmaise, situated on the northern frontier, and
covered with heath and hard weeds, lifts its summit about 850 feet above
sea-level. Not far from this height a large tract of peat moss stretches
quite across the parish from east to west. The rest of the surface
is slightly undulated, or occasionally rises into gentle eminences.
The soil of the best arable grounds is a rich loam on a bottom of clay; and of
inferior ground is a shallower and more gravelly loam, on a rocky or tilly
subsoil. about four fifths of the whole parochial area are regularly subject
to the plough; and upwards of 350 acres are covered with wood, principally
planted larch and Scottish fir. The chief antiquities of the parish are
a supposed Roman iter, two Druidical temples, and some cairns.
The mansions are Freefield, Rothmaise and Warthill.
The decayed village of Rayne stands in the centre of the parish and has
an annual fair for cattle and horses on the 4th Tuesday of November, Old Stat. Act [Old Statistical Account]

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