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CASTLE OF PITSLIGO (In Ruins) Castle of Pitsligo (in Ruins)
Castle of Pitsligo (in Ruins)
Castle of Pitsligo (in Ruins)
Mr Milne Banker Rosehearty
Mr Malcolm Broadgate
Mr Walker Broadgate
002 The remains of this stronghold is situated 1 Mile West of Pittulie, and one South from Rosehearty. Built in the early part of the fourteenth Century, by Sir William Forbes, son of Sir J. Forbes of Druminor who under James I came into the possession of Pitsligo. It formed an oblong hollow square, had no pretentions to a tasteful style of architecture. Was in the possession of Lord Pitsligo when he joined the rebellion.- fell into ruins shortly afterwards. Property of The Trustees of late Sir J. S. Forbes of Fettercairn.

The walls are entire and of nearly the full height. * A portion of the ruins has been converted into dwelling house & stables. There is also attached on the north side a very fine fruit & cabbage garden belong to Mr Milne Banker; who has the farm.

"The only ruins of any note are the Castles of Pitsligo and Pitulie both situated on the property of Sir John S Forbes, and overlooking the Sea. the former had evidently been a strongly built Castle, the walls being from six to seven feet thick, and probably reared nearly 3 centuries ago."
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NINE MAIDENS' WELL Nine Maiden's Well
Nine Maiden's Well
Mr Milne.
Mr Malcolm
002 A well of splendid water issuing from nine springs in the wood behind the Castle. It is now flaged over & feeds a Well near the pond. Supposed to have derived its name from the Nine Muses.

It supplied the Castle of Pitsligo with water and now supplies the town of Rosehearty. The following regarding it is extracted from Pratts Buchan; "Patrick Cook tells us that a little to the south of the Castle is a Well of extraordinary fine water and one of the largest Springs that can be seen. It is called the Nine Maidens Well and probably takes its name from the Nine Muses. Tradition however gives the honor of its dedication to Maidens nearer home. It is said that they were the daughters of St. Donevald"

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The well name is attributed to the closer to home St. Donevald or similar spelling but I believe it to be St. Donald, a Scottish saint who had nine virgin daughters.

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