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Maiden Castle
Colonel Knight Erskine, Pittodrie
Mr. John Wood, Firbogs
045 A circular encampment, supposed to be British, and surrounded by a moat, situated in a wood a short distance north-west of Pittodrie. Nothing is known about its antiquity, but C.E Dalrymple of Kinellar Lodge says that "it may be 2000 years old, probably much more."
THORNTREEMUIR WOOD Thorntreemoor Wood Colonel Knight Erskine
Mr. John Wood
045 A wood of considerable extent situated about a mile west of Pittodrie, property of Colonel Knight Erskine, Pittodrie.

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Parish of Oyne

Note: Maiden Castle - There is great doubt as to the meaning of the term "Maiden", but the word
frequently occurs in the topography of Scotland. Thus we have Maiden Castle
the old name of Edinburgh Castle: Maiden Castle in the parish of
Markinch, being an ancient fortification running along a narrow but somewhat
elevated ridge of Said hills, commanding the surrounding plain: the
"Maiden Castle" of Collessie where are the vestiges of an ancient Fort.
There is also a "Maiden Castle" and "Maiden Way" in Cumberland.
The true meaning of May den is probably a fort commanding a wide
plain or District." [Sculptured Stones of Scotland. 1856 Vol I]
[Signed] E.H.Courtney Cap R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]

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