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Mr. H. Milne, Tenant
Mr. J. Wesley Whiteford
Mr. A. Matthewson Torries
044 An ordinary farmsteading with offices and garden attached, property of Col. [Colonel] Erskine, Pittodrie
HARTHILL CASTLE (Ruins of) Harthill Castle
Harthill Castle
Harthill Castle
Mr. A. Matthewson
Mr. H. Milne
Mr. J. Walker, Hillbrae
044 An old Castle now in ruins erected A.D. 1601. It is said to have been burnt by the proprietor, but at what date is unknown, and as not since been repaired.

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Parish of Oyne

"The last possessor was a noted "reiver" or freebooter who harrassed his neighbours, and was generally in
feud with them; and tradition says, that seeing many of these against him as a common adversary,
he set fire to his Castle of Harthill, and left the country, and at length ended his days in the King's
Bench, London. The walls of the castle bear evident marks of fire, being used in several places from
top to bottom; yet after having stood for ages without a roof they are perfectly erect, and very
strong, being about five feet thick, and forty feet high, with round towers, bartisans, loopholes,
an arched gateway and turret, and chimney vents above ten feet wide." New Statistical Account.

"Hart Hill, the ancient seat of the Abercrombies, Humphry Abercrombie obtained a charter
from King Robert Bruce, on the lands of Hart Hill, Ardeen, pro homagio et servitio suo, as the
Charter bears, which is still extant, about the year 1315." Donean Tourist Page 306.

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