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Parish of Old Deer -- Aberdeenshire

[Diagram/drawing of Sculptured Stone AT OLD DEER No. 1 & 2. included on page]

The sculptured stone shown opposite
is no longer in existence: it was unfortunately
broken up for materials, and built into
the wall of a Farm-house on The Estate
of Pitfour: had not the active Secretary
of the Scotch Antiquarian Society, Mr. John
Stuart, discovered it, and had the attached
Sketch taken at the time, (see Vol: [Volume] I
of his magnificient work on the Sculptured
Stones of Scotland) no record of this
very fine Stone would have been preserved
at all.
In his notice on it, Mr. Stuart says
"nothing is known as to the precise original
locality of the Stone at Deer, although it
is very likely to have been near it's present
site. When I saw it a few years ago,
it was placed at the end of a range
of building which formed part of the
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