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BLACKBURN BRIG Blackburn Brig 020 Authorized and described in Name Book for Methlick Parish
ROCKING STONES [Auchmaliddie] Rocking Stones
Rocking Stones
Rocking Stones
Muckle Stane of Auchmaliddie
Mr John Duncan (North Auchmaliddie)
Mr William Littlejohn (Mitchellhill)
Mr William Chalmers (Auchmaliddie)
Pratt's History of Buchan
020 Applies to a couple of large stones a remnant of past ages, "It was a rocking stone of great bulk, but movable at a particular point, by the slightest touch, By whom or for what purpose, these rocking stones were poised, is matter of vague conjecture, It has been supposed they might have been used as stones of ordeals by which the Druid or Scandinavian priest, pretended to test the guilt or innocence of persons accused," it is sunk deep in the ground, Situated at ½ mile S [South] of N. [North] Auchmaliddie.
Extract from Pratt's Buchan

"Remains of Several Druidical temples are to be seen. The place where one of them stood is about ½ Mile North from the church (New Deer) and still retains the name of 'Standing Stones'. In view of this, and about a mile from the Church directly South, there was another This is not yet all removed, and the former was but lately taken away to lay the foundation of the present Manse."
Old Statistical Account.

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