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Standingstones of Culsh
Mr Minty occupier
Mr John Fowlie Mid Culsh
Mr Barclay Factor
Pratt's Buchan
020 A farm house and offices about ¼ of a mile south west of Brae of Culsh. The property of J.D. Fordyce Esq. Also applies to two small Crofts.

"There were many remains of Druidical temples and funeral monuments, to be seen in the Parish. One of them about a mile north of the village still retains the name of the standing stone of Culsh, tho the stones stand there no longer, having been taken away, about 70 years ago to build the old Manse. There are occasionally found many Tumuli which when opened contain urns of baked clay, filled with human bones and ashes."
"New Stat [Statistical] Account"

"The place where one of them (Druidical Temples) stood is about ½ a mile north of the Church and still retains the name of Standing stones." "Old Stat [Statistical] Account"
See page 52 for Site of Stone Circle.
FREE CHURCH [New Deer] Free Church
Free Church
Free Church
Rev [Reverend] Mr Gardner
John Fowlie Mid Culsh
James Ironside New Deer
020 A plain stone & slated building used as a place of worship. It is seated for 500.
"The Free Church with its manse, is built at the other extremity of the Village. It is a neat & commodious edifice & stands in a good and striking situation."
"Pratt's History of Buchan"

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